Utility Billing

Contact the Utility Billing Department at 254-799-2436 during normal business hours on weekdays to start, stop, or transfer utility service.

Turn on all of your utility services in one place.

To establish new service, complete an application in person at the Utility Billing Department, 3015 Bellmead Drive, Bellmead, TX 76705. For same day service, please be in our office by noon After hours service is available for an additional fee. Each person to be listed on the account must come to the office. If a person is not physically present, they may not be added to the account.

Document Requirements


Lease or proof of ownership

Valid U.S. Picture identification (for each person to be listed on account) Examples: Drivers License, Military Identification Card, U.S. Passport

Proof of Social Security Number (for each person to be listed on account) Examples: Income tax return, Paycheck (full social security number must be listed), Social Security Card, W2

Find water/sewer rates, fees, and deposit amounts from the master fee schedule (PDF).

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