PoliceMission Statement

The Bellmead Police Department emphasizes community policing through fair, consistent, professional, and equal law enforcement. The overall goal of the organization is to develop problem-solving techniques, in conjunction with the community that will increase the quality of life for the residents, while reducing crime.


Bellmead Communication Center serves as a support entity for the entire City of Bellmead and assists other agencies in the area. As the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), Communications has the responsibility to staff and answer, on a 24-hour basis, the telephones upon which calls for service are received. This includes 911 emergency calls (police, fire, and emergency medical services). 

Helpful Contact Numbers for the City of Bellmead

  • City Hall, Phone: 254-799-2436
  • Fire Department, Phone: 254-799-9922
  • Municipal Court, Phone: 254-412-7550

Enhancing Community Safety in Bellmead

At the heart of our commitment to the welfare of our residents, the City of Bellmead has undertaken rigorous efforts to address and mitigate crime rates within our community. We understand the significance of safe neighborhoods and are steadfast in our dedication to fostering an environment where every individual can thrive without fear.

Positive Progress: A Promising Outlook

It is with determination and resolve that we share the encouraging news that our ongoing initiatives have led to a reduction in crime rates. With data spanning the past ten years, we are proud to report that Bellmead's current crime rates are at their lowest recorded levels. This positive shift is emblematic of our collective dedication to enhancing public safety.

Focusing on Impactful Change

While we acknowledge that there is still work to be done, we are committed to building upon this momentum and continuing to strive for further improvements. As a community, we have united to address crime from all angles, implementing measures that not only react to incidents but proactively deter them.

Join Us in Our Efforts

We understand that community safety is a shared responsibility. Through collaboration with local law enforcement, engagement with our residents, and the implementation of innovative crime prevention programs, we are confident in our ability to maintain this positive trajectory.

As proud Bellmead residents, we encourage you to explore the resources available on this website, which provide insights into safety tips, community programs, and ways you can actively contribute to our ongoing efforts to make Bellmead a safer place for everyone.

Together, we are making a difference. Join us as we work towards a safer, more secure future for Bellmead.

Bellmead Crime Rankings

Ranking among 534 reporting Texas cities.

YearViolent CrimeProperty CrimeTotal Crime

Crime Rates

Crime rates are presented as crimes per 100,000 people.