Street Services

Downtown Rehabilitation Program

The city applied for and was awarded a $500,000 Texas Department of Agriculture grant to replace sidewalks in the Downtown District to improve pedestrian safety. The city was awarded funding to install approximately one thousand six hundred linear feet (1,600 l.f.) of concrete sidewalk, nineteen (19) ADA accessible curb ramps, thirteen (13) streetlights, eleven (11) decorative concrete crosswalks utilizing three thousand two hundred eighty square feet (3,280 s.f.) of material, and all associated appurtenances from 26th Street to Kane Avenue along Bellmead Drive. The project was completed in 2023.

Street Sign Project

In FY 2023 the city designed a standardized street sign design. The city will begin a street sign replacement program in 2024 to coincide with the street management program.  This program is to systematically replace all street signs within Bellmead with a standardized sign over the upcoming years.

Update: 10/23/23- Public Works Street Crew has replaced 102 signs throughout the City during the month of October 2023. There are plans to replace another 500 signs for FY 23/24.

street sign

Street Management Program - Year 3

The City of Bellmead is committed to enhancing the quality of life for its residents by ensuring the safe and efficient maintenance of its streets and roads. As part of this ongoing effort, the Bellmead Streets Division plays a crucial role in road repair, new road construction, ditch maintenance, right-of-way mowing, and the maintenance of unpaved roads. We are pleased to provide an update on the progress of Bellmead's Annual Paving Program, now in its third year.

Annual Paving Program Year 3 - Micropaving:

Over the past few months, the City of Bellmead street crews have been diligently working to address road maintenance needs. This includes activities such as crack sealing, saw cutting, and leveling-up base failures on streets designated for this year's maintenance program.

Starting on or about June 27th, the next phase of the Annual Paving Program will commence, focusing on the application of micropaving to selected streets. Micropaving is an effective technique aimed at extending the lifespan of road surfaces, ensuring their durability and safety for years to come.

Resident Notification and Cooperation:

To facilitate a smooth and efficient micropaving process, we kindly request the cooperation of our residents. Approximately 24 hours before micropaving begins on a particular street, residents residing on that street will receive advance notification. This notice is issued to allow residents to relocate their vehicles and any other property from the affected street, ensuring that the entire paving process can be completed in a single day.

Important Information on Vehicle and Property Removal:

We would like to emphasize the importance of adhering to the removal requests outlined in the advance notifications. All vehicles, travel trailers, and miscellaneous equipment must be removed from the street on the designated repaving day. Failure to do so may result in towing at the owner's expense.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but your cooperation is invaluable in ensuring the success of these essential road maintenance efforts. Your efforts will not only contribute to the longevity of our streets but also enhance the safety and convenience of our community.

Bellmead's Public Works Department is committed to continually improving the infrastructure of our city. The Annual Paving Program, with its focus on micropaving in Year 3, is a significant step towards achieving this goal. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our residents as we work to provide you with safe and well-maintained roads throughout Bellmead.

This Year's Affected Streets

  • Precinct 1
    • Bellcrest
    • Victoria (from Concord to Wheeler)
    • Dugger
    • Victoria (from Blackwell to Ridgecrest)
    • Ridgecrest (from Airbase to Timberline)
  • Precinct 2
    • Sam Houston
    • Petty Place
    • Oregon
    • Texas
    • Luanne
    • Wrangler
    • Polk (from Campground to Penton)
  • Precinct 3
    • Allen (From 25th to La Clede)
    • Harrison (From RR Tracks to Fisher)
    • Limited
    • Taylor
    • Fenton
    • Penton (from Williams to the bend in road)
    • Surratt
  • Precinct 4
    • La Clede (From Bellmead Drive north to Hatcher)
    • Maxfield (From Bellmead Drive north to Hatcher)
    • Latimer (Hogan to Lewis)
  • Precinct 5
    • Somerset
    • Queens Court
    • Campbelton
    • Groveland
    • Nealton (Montrose to I-35)
    • Lady Bug
    • Montrose (from Strickland to New Dallas)
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