Is there anything I can do about the taste and/or smell?

If you are bothered by the taste or smell, there are a few things you can do:

  • Put a pitcher of water in the refrigerator and let it sit uncovered for a few hours. This will allow the chlorine smell to leave the water.
  • Use cold water for all drinking water. Cold water has fewer taste and smell concerns. (Using cold water also makes the water less likely to absorb lead and copper from plumbing.)
  • Use a filter. All water treatment units, even those in your home, require regular maintenance to work properly. Water treatment units that are not properly maintained will lose their effectiveness over time. In some cases, unmaintained units can make water quality worse and make you sick. 
    • Most common point-of-use filters (e.g. pitcher filters) will remove chlorine taste and smell.
    • Granular activated carbon filters will remove chlorine taste and smell. They can be more effective, but are usually more expensive than point-of-use filters. They can be installed either at the tap/sink or as whole-house filters.

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