Tornado Safety

Texas is a prime spawning ground for tornadoes. In fact, Texas has more tornadoes than any other state in the country. You would think Texans would be prepared for such occurrences, but the majority of people in the state are not.

If you are home when a tornado strikes, go to the innermost part of your house on the lowest floor (such as a bathroom or closet with no windows). Remember to cover and protect your head.

If you live in a mobile home, go outside and lay in a ditch or ravine.

Tornadoes on the Road

Tornadoes can pop up quickly here in Texas. If you are driving during a thunderstorm, be aware that more severe weather could be around the corner.

If you are on the road and see a tornado, leave your car immediately. Do not try to drive away from the storm.

If you have time, get inside a building. If there is no time to find shelter, lie flat in a ditch or ravine and cover your head with your arms. Do not take cover under the car.

Tornado Watch Versus Warning

You should also know the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.

A tornado watch means, "watch" the sky. Weather conditions are right for tornadoes to form.

A tornado warning indicates a tornado has been sighted or identified on radar. Take cover immediately.