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Explore our curated selection of commercial properties available for purchase in Bellmead. Each property is meticulously chosen to provide excellent business opportunities. Whether you're looking for retail spaces, office buildings, or industrial facilities, Bellmead has a diverse range of options to suit your needs.

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Foreclosure Properties for Auction (McLennan County)

Discover investment opportunities through foreclosure properties available for auction in McLennan County. These properties present unique possibilities for investors looking to capitalize on distressed assets.

Unlocking Potential: Properties with Liens in Bellmead for Economic Growth

Discover a unique opportunity for investors and developers. Our city boasts a selection of properties with liens, presenting a canvas for revitalization and economic expansion. Dive into the details of each property, understanding the potential hurdles and benefits associated with their current lien status. By strategically navigating these opportunities, you can contribute to the transformation of Bellmead, turning challenges into prosperous ventures. Join us in shaping a vibrant future for our community through thoughtful development and investment in these promising properties.

A full list of properties that have liens attached can be found on the City Secretary's page.

BEDC Available Properties

The following are listings of BEDC’s current properties for sale. The City of Bellmead will accept proposals to be submitted to the BEDC Board of Directors for consideration.  Proposals should include the proposed offer price, proposed use of the property, and timeline.  The BEDC will require that all construction be complete within two years of property sale.

If you’re interested in purchasing or viewing a specific piece of property, please call 254-799-2436, or contact us through email.

Property No.126969
Property No.122994

Property Number 126969

  • 5701 Concord Road
  • 36.44 Acres
  • Zoned R1 - single-family dwelling

Property Number 122994

  • Fannin Block 4, Lot 34 (Bowie Avenue)
  • 0.1722 Acres
  • Zoned Industrial

Property Number 361745

  • BEDC Subdivision Block 2, Lot 6 (Research Ave)
  • 13.46 Acres
  • Zoned Industrial