Crime Prevention Programs

Business Security Survey

A survey is conducted on the business evaluating security measures. The survey is conducted on the interior, exterior, and perimeter of the business. Recommendations are given to enhance problematic areas.

Areas evaluated: Doors, Windows, Locks, Landscaping, Lighting, Burglar Alarms, and Security Cameras.

Home Inspections

Homeowners can request a home inspection to receive a certificate for a reduction in their homeowner's insurance after meeting certain requirements. (Homeowners must check with their insurance company to ensure the certificate will be honored.)

Presentations: All are free to schedule a presentation. Contact the Assistant Police Chief at 254-799-0251.

House Watch / Vacation Watch

Going on vacation and want an extra level of security while you're away? The Bellmead Police Department is willing to send extra patrol units to neighborhoods while homeowners are away. Officers look for signs of unusual activity or suspicious persons.

Contact us at 254-799-0251 to have your home placed on Vacation Watch or submit a Vacation Watch Form online. 

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. A presentation is given on how to prevent becoming a victim of Identity Theft. This program will also explain the steps to follow if you become a victim of Identity Theft.

Crimes against the elderly - A presentation designed to discuss scams, schemes, and fraud impacting seniors and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Internet Safety

A presentation that discusses the pros and cons of using the internet. Some topics discussed: social networking, purchasing items online, cyber bullying, kids and the internet.

Robbery Prevention

A presentation for businesses/banks consisting of basic tips to become proactive to prevent/minimize a robbery, and actions to take during and after a robbery.

Work Place Safety

A presentation for businesses on how to practice workplace safety. Topics discussed are handling irate customers, family violence, dealing with disgruntled or ex-employees, active shooters, and/or robberies.

To schedule any of these please contact the Assistant Chief at 254-799-0251 (all programs are free to our citizens).